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We're HONORED to be this week's featured non-profit organization for WTHR's Send the Love Campaign!!!

With just $5 you can be a huge part of the "Send the Love" campaign helping The Gifted Gown!

We're 100% volunteer organization so every cent goes back into The Gifted Gown to keep us helping the community we love so much!




This is such a great organization. It is amazing to see the all of the smiles on everyones faces when they find the perfect dress, shoes, and accessories. The environment is very welcoming and no one judges anyone. It was a great experience.



Julia from the gifted gown has provided me with the lost gorgeous prom dress ever she also has awesome volunteers and I just want to say thank you Julia for all you have done for all of us.



As an organizer for a local Transgender Pride event, I was elated to find The Gifted Gown. We were so concerned with making sure that our formal dance (#TransGlam) was accessible to trans people of all income levels. The Gifted Gown opened their arms to us, they provided us with fittings for people who couldn't afford prom dresses and tuxes of their own. They were incredibly sensitive to the needs of our group and were active participants in our event. We know we'll work with them again, and I just love them to death and can't say enough good things about all the work they do!

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