April 24

May 22

Between 9am and 12pm

Curbside donating will be in effect!

Thanks for your patience!


​We will hold Donation Days at our boutique where we offer

"Curbside Donating".  

We set a timeframe, you drive up, you text us (317-662.4696) and we come out and pick up your items from you - with masks on of course!

Dates/times of Donation Days will be posted on our website and via social media so please follow us to make sure you don't miss out!

Thank you for your patience!

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Have you donated an item(s) to us and need a Donation Receipt?  No problem! 


Download your receipt below and let us know if you have any questions.  

The Gifted Gown Donation Receipt

Snake Shoes.png


New and like-new gowns worn or purchased within the last five (5) years.  Tuxedos of all kinds.  All items must be cleaned prior to donating due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Women’s and Men’s formal shoes worn or purchased within the last five (5) years.

Formal evening accessories such as costume jewelry, clutches and wraps.  

New and unpackaged undergarments including shapewear.

New and packaged make-up, make-up brushes, eyelashes, nail polish, hair care products, hair styling products and body care products (e.g. body spray, perfume, lotion, etc.)



Men's Business


Wedding Gowns

Items that are dirty, torn, or heavily worn.

Unpackaged or previously worn undergarments, make-up, hair care, or body products.

The Gifted Gown is a 501(c)(3)

Nonprofit Organization

EIN #47-5487686

Mailing Address:  

6137 Crawfordsville Road

Suite F, #114

Speedway, IN 46224

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