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The Gifted Gown is a proud, 100% volunteer, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all financial donations are greatly appreciated!  


Every penny goes directly back into The Gifted Gown organization to help us provide our services to the community on a year-round basis, gives us a home for our gowns and tuxes, shoes, and accessories and provides a platform for others to shine, excel and create memories to have for a lifetime.

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Provides new jewelry pieces and/or bow ties for our guests


Provides formal shoes for our guests


Takes care of boutique upkeep and liability insurance for one (1) month


Provides a gown or tuxedo/formal suit, shoes a jewelry item and a handbag for one of our beautiful guests to look and feel incredible for their special occasion celebration


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You can make a huge difference by purchasing needed items from our Amazon Wish List. 


All items are shipped directly to us so there's no packaging, drop offs, or shipping hassles for you!

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